Andrey Smirnov :: activities

  Selected activities 1992-2010
22-24.01.2010. 29-30.10, 2011. Lecture 'Sound Machines of the Revolutionary Utopia. Russia 1910-30s' in the framework of SEEING SOUND 2 practice-led research symposium. The Centre for Musical Research at Bath Spa University, Newton St Loe, Bath, BA2 9BN, UK.
6.10, 2011-15.01, 2012. Theremin part of the exhibition Red Cavalry: Creation and Power in Soviet Russia between 1917 and 1945 at La Casa Encendida, Ronda Valencia, 2 28012, Madrid, Spain.
22-24.01.2010. 16-19.06, 2011. Lecture 'Synthesized Voices of the Revolutionary Utopia: Early Attempts to Synthesize Speaking and Singing Voice in Post-Revolutionary Russia' in the framework of the conference 'Electrified Voices. Media-Technical, Socio-Historical and Culturological Aspects of Voice Transmission'. University of Konstanz. UNIVERSITATSSTRASSE 10, 78464 KONSTANZ, GERMANY.
9.06 - 20.07, 2011. Exhibition GENERATION Z - RUSSIAN PIONEERS OF SOUND ART AND MUSICAL TECHNOLOGY IN 1910-1930 at OSA ARCHIVUM, Budapest, Hungary. Address: 1051 Budapest, Arany J. U. 32. Phone: (36 1) 327-3250, E-MailL:
11.03 - 15.05, 2011. Exhibition GENERATION_Z. Pioneers of Music Technologies in Russia in 1910-30s. Moscow Polytechnic Museum.
Novaya Ploshad 3/4, entr.1, Tel. +7 (495) 628-1257. Lectures:
16.04, 15-00 - Leon Theremin. Participants - Lidia Kavina, Sergei Zorin, Rem Merkulov, Andrei Smirnov. 23.04, 15-00 - Sound out of Light and Paper. The History and Practice of Graphical Sound. The lecture is dedicated to 120th anniversary of Evgeny Sholpo. Participants - Marina Sholpo, Nikolai Izvolov, Andrei Smirnov. 13.05, 15-00 - Biomechanics of Sound and Movement in Solomon Nikritin's Projection Theatre. Liubov Pchelkina.
18-19.12, 2010. A.Smirnov's lecture Sound out of Light and Paper, workshop on interactive music. Academy of Music in Lodz. Gdanska 32, 90-716 Lodz, Poland.
24.09-19.12, 2010. A.Smirnov's exposition 'Son produit par la lumiere et le papier' in the frame of the exhibition Vois ce que j'entends at the Centre des arts d'Endhien-les-Bains, France.
9-10.10, 2010. Conference Music and Politics. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. School of Political Sciences.
10.10, 16-00 - A.Smirnov. Lecture Sound Machines of the Revolutionary Utopia. Russia 1920-s and beyond. Joined with the lecture by Lubov Pchelkina Biomechanics of Movement and Sound at the Solomon Nikritin's Projection Theatre (1920-s).
11.10, 19-00 - A.Smirnov. Lecture - Sound out of Light and Paper at the Museum for Contemporary Arts, Thessaloniki.
22-25.09, 2010. ARTMUSFAIR 2010. Meet the Challenges of 21st Century Music. Szymanowski Auditorium. 22.09/18:00 - Electroacoustic Free Improv. 23.09/10-11:00 - composer's panel on Electronics meets Challenges of 21st Centruy Music. 25.09/14.00 - 16.00 - Conference session 4: Electronics in Music Education. Fryderyk Chopin University of Music, Warsaw, Poland.
12-16.04, 2010. In the frame of International Conference 100 Years of Russian Avant Guarde: 14.04, 15:00 - L.Pchelkina - Solomon Nikritin and epoch of the Projectionism; A.Smirnov - In the Beginning was the Word. Art of Sound in Russia in 1909-1930; 15.04, 15:00 - A.Smirnov - Graphical Sound - Audio Computing in 1930-s. K.Dudakov - Noise Music in 1920-s as a paradigm of the Avant Guard culture.
25.02 - 25.04, 2010. Exhibition GENERATION_Z (extended) in St. Petersburg. PRO ARTE Foundation, Saint-Petersburg, Peter and Paul Fortress, Nevsky Curtina, Left side. Tel. +7 (812) 233-0040, 233-0553
22-24.01.2010. Exhibition GENERATION_Z at the Central House of Painters, Moscow in the framework of the New Culture Festival. Krimsky Val 10, Moscow.
22.10.2009. Festival Ad Libitum: 4, Warsaw. 19:00 - Lecture by Andrei Smirnov: Sound out of Paper. Forgotten experiments in sound art in early 20th century Russia. 21:30 - Concert: Correlations / Moscow Laptop Cyber-Orchestra. 24.10.2009 - Gary Smith + gitarzysci + goscie Ц Andrei Smirnov, Krzysztof Knittel (kurator Ц Krzysztof Knittel). Photos. Centrum Sztuki Wspolczesnej, Zamek Ujazdowski w Warszawie. Polish Music Council Foundation. e-mail:
24, 25, 28-30 September, 2, 6, 9, October, 12.00 Ц 20.00. Exhibition GENERATION_Z at the Third Moscow Biennale of contemporary art. Investment in Art Club, Leontievsky per. 2а/2, Moscow.
22.06.2009-26.06.09, 11:00-14:00 daily. Gestural interfaces: live interaction in Computer Music. Workshop in the frame of Masters program in Sonic Arts and Technologies at Ionian University. Department of Music Studies, Old Fortress, Corfu Greece, 49100,
25-26.05.2009, 14:00-18:00. Gestural Interfaces: Voice and Movement. Workshop and presentation in the frame of Voice Works II workshops related to the voice, sound and movement, curated by Christine De Smedt and Myriam Van Imschoot. les ballets C de la B, Bijlokekaai 1, B-9000 Ghent, Belgium.
21.05.2009, 21:00. Sound out of Paper. Russian proto-electronic music from 1930-s and beyond. Presentation at eNKa, Berlin. 18-22.05.2009, 12.00-18.00 daily THEREMIN SENSORS WORKSHOP at eNKa, Berlin. Final presentation Sat. 22 May, 19.00. Registration is required for this workshop and can only be done via email to: Location: eNKa / ElsenStr. 52 (2.Hof) Berlin, Germany.
24.03.2009, 14:00-18:00. Graphical Sound: technology, music and science. Keynote lecture at a Future of Sound Symposium. Future of Sound & Goldsmiths, University of London.
12-14.03.2009. The Archaeology of Graphical Sound. Russia 1929-1939 and beyond. Lecture in the frame of the conference "Klangmaschinen zwischen Experiment und Medientechnik". Tape-music from 1930-s. Exhibition "Forgotten Future#1, Magical Sound Machines". Kulturfabrik/Hainburg a. d. Donau. IMA Institute of Media Archeology, Erasinweg 23, 2410 Hainburg an der Donau, Austria
6.11.2008, 19:00. Sound out of Paper, Music from out of Nowhere. The concert of synthesized tape music from 1930-s. Centre for Music & Technology, Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, Finland
3-7.11.2008. THEREMIN SENSORS WORKSHOP at CM&T at Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, Finland.
9.10.2008, 19:30. GRAPHICAL SOUND in 1930-s. New media-archeological discoveries.
Presentation at Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France
25.09.2008-4.01.2009. SOUND_in_Z project in the frame of the exhibition "From one Revolution to Another" curated by Jeremy Deller and organized by the Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France
19.09.2008-19.04.2009. Participation in the exhibition "Forgotten Future#1, Magical Sound Machines" at Kulturfabrik/Hainburg a. d. Donau. IMA Institute of Media Archeology, Erasinweg 23, 2410 Hainburg an der Donau, Austria
8.07.2008, 12:00. THEREMIN SENSORS WORKSHOP during " Human-Information Workspace", Media Lab at Globus Gallery, St. Petersburg. Computer and new music research group CNMRG
20-24.06.2008. THEREMIN SENSORS WORKSHOP. The National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Kaliningrad
Kaliningrad, Moskovsky prospect, 39. Tel.: (4012) 46-36-35
1.05.2008. ELECTROPOEM13: Moscow CyberOrchestra. at the XXII Roslavets and Gabo Festival, Bryansk.
2.05.2008 - Andrei Smirnov's workshop "Experimental Music. Live after Death".
30-31.01.2008. TRANSMEDIALE FESTIVAL. 10 000 Peacock Feathers in Foaming Acid @ Zeiss Planetarium
Digital Theremin Workshop at CLUB TRANSMEDIALE. Klosterstraße 68, D - 10179 Berlin
20-24.11.2007 - Andrey Smirnov & Guy van Belle: THEREMIN-SENSORS_NETWORKED ORCHESTRA WORKSHOP, Kunstarkaden Sparkassenstr.3, 80331, Munich. Hosted and supported by Department of Arts and Culture of Munich, Organized by A=V /Munich/
7-11.09.2007 - Installation as a part of Mary Ellen Bute Lab at IMA Salon #7 in the frame of Second City at Festival ARS Electronica 2007, Marienstraße 7, Linz, Austria
13-17.08.2007 - THEREMIN SENSORS WORKSHOP at IMAutomaat #1 artist-in-residency festival
at IMA :: Institut für Medienarchäologie, Erasinweg 23, 2410 Hainburg an der Donau, Austria
Tel.: ++43/2165/62 627 office(at)
Organized by A=V (Munich). Hosted by RIERETA & TELENOIKA (Barcelona) in collaboration with HANGAR (Barcelona) contact: info[at]aa-vv[dot]org
11-16.06.2007 - THEREMIN SENSORS WORKSHOP at TESLA, Berlin:
klosterstraße 68 - 70, d - 10179 berlin-mitte. More Details
30.05-06.06.2007 - Participation in the 9th international festival for new media culture
ART+COMMUNICATION 2007: SPECTRAL ECOLOGY, Riga, Liepajas Karosta and Aizpute in Latvia.
31.05.07 - Lasrer Bugging performance
2.06.07 - Report on the conference "Espionage Technologies and Art"
5-6.06.07 - Workshop "Musical applications of eavesdropping techniques"
23.04, 9:40-11:20 - Lecture at the University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg:
Digital Theremin-Sensors: new approaches and applications for human-machine interaction.
19-22.04.2007, PRIX ARS ELECTRONICA 2007, Digital Musics jury member, Linz, Austria
25-30.01.2007, THEREMIN SENSORS WORKSHOP at the Theremin Center, Moscow
25.01, 19:00 - introduction
30.01, 18:00 - final presentation
13.12.2006 - Andrey Smirnov's presentation:
Digital Theremin-Sensors: New Approaches and Applications
at STEIM Micro Jamboree, Amsterdam, 11-14.12.2006.
The goal of the Micro Jamboree is to bring together specialists in the field of instrumental electronic music, specifically (but not limited to) people working with sensorsystems, both in hardware and in software.
22-24, November, 2006, A=V annual FESTIVAL=WORKLAB
Sound out of your body motion; Touchless control; Sensing airflow; Playing with water drops.
Doku e.V. Domagkstr.33, Haus 49, 80807 München, Germany,
14, October, 2006, Ruins at Museum of Architecture, Moscow
Andrei Smirnov's Laptop Cyber Orchestra in the concert program ADD NOISE
May - November, 2006, Shadows Installation at Klangturm St. Pölten, NÖ Landesmuseum, Austria.
25-26, May, 2006, Brussels, Belgium, OKNO vzw
Andrei Smirnov: Forgotten Future: Selected archeologies of art and technology in Russia
Windowpane Theremin Installation, Laser Bugging Performance
24-29, January, 2006, Theremin Center, Moscow
Good Vibrations Workshops
12-14, January, 2006, Pro Arte Institute, St.Petersburg
Good Vibrations Workshops
21-26, November, 2005, Helsinki, Finland
CM&T Sibelius Academy
Andrei SMIRNOV: Special sound workshop. Leon Theremin's Good Vibrations. Musical applications of eavesdropping techniques and selected archeologies of music technology...
  26, October - 4, November, 2005
DOM IM BERG, Graz, Austria
GRAZ MOCKBA GRAZ Exibition & Workshop
Kunst und wissenschaft zwischen freiheit und terror
Mit Theremin Center Moskau, Informationsdesign FH Joanneum, Institut fur Elektronische-Musik und Akustik Graz. Andrei Smirnov's Wokrshop: Lev Termen - inventor, artist, spy: on the track of a visionary
4, November, 2005, 21:00 (Moscow)/19:00 (Graz)
DOM IM BERG, Graz, Austria and Cultural Center DOM, Moscow
FROM DOM TO DOM a virtual bridge between DOM and DOM in the frame of GRAZ MOCKBA GRAZ Exhibition
In Moscow: Elisabeth Schimana - artistic process management, Jana Aksenova, Olesia Rostovskaja, Patrick k-h, Team Inspiration (Omni Music).
In Graz: Teilnehmende des Workshops, Studierende des IEM und des Informationsdesign FH-Joanneum mit Unterstutzung von Andrei Smirnov (Theremincenter Moskau), Gerhard Eckel (IEM Graz), Seppo Grundler und Daniel Fabry (Informationsdesign FH Joanneum)
7-8, June, 2005, Milano, Italy
Conservatorio di Musica "Giuseppe Verdi"
7 e 8 guigno, ore 10-13 / 14-17 Aula di Elettronica
Andrei Smirnov: Masterclass di Tecnologia del Suono
Musica Elettronica in Russia: la situazione attuale
30, May - 3, June, 2005, Pro Arte Institute, St.Petersburg
Acousmatica & Interaction Festival and workshops
25-27, May, 2005, ESC Gallery, Graz, Austria
V:NM Festival, Graz, Austria
25.05/20-00 - Festival opening, Interactive installation "Vetro-Touchless" by Andrei Smirnov, performance by Lena Golovashova.
26.05/15-00 - Discussion with Andre Smirnov and Daniel Ashwanden from bilderwerfer, moderation Elisabeth Schimana
27.05/21-00 - 4:3 Performance. Elisabeth Schimana (electronik, konzept), Andre Smirnov (instrumenten design), Lena Golovasheva (bewegung), Elisabeth Flunger (schlagwerk)
30, April, 2005
Participation in URBAN SOUNDSCAPE-3 Festival, Moscow
26-27, April, 2005
Lectures in the frame of International Contemporary Arts Festival, named for Roslavets and Gabo
7-11, February, Helsinki, Finland
Media Laboratory of University of Art and Design Helsinki
Andrei Smirnov: Art of Sound and Creativity Workshop + Acousmatic Studies
>> how get out of the "cultural fractal" and get rid of cliches and stamps of the Digital Culture.
3, February, 2005, Cultural Center DOM, Moscow
Shadows05 performance by Elisabeth Schimana with participation of Andrey Smirnov and Elena Golovasheva
29, November - 22, December, 2004
Curator of the «Sound Art Residency Program»
Program of exchange between the Theremin Center and Diapason Gallery, New York
27-28, May, 2004, Pro Arte Institute, St.Petersburg
Acousmatica Festival
15-16, May, 2004, Cultural Center DOM , Moscow
Electroacoustic music program "Electrification of Music" in the frame of Alternativa 18 New Music Festival
16 -18, April, 2004, Helsinki, Finland
Report «Proto - Digital Tools in Post - Digital Culture» in the frame of seminar «Digital 3. International Sound Art Event». Artists' Assocition Muu, Helsinki
3, April, 2004, Kazan Concert Hall, Tatarstan
Electroacoustic music program in the frame of Europe-Asia Festival, Kazan
25, November, 2003, Cultural Center DOM, Moscow
Participation in Elisabeth Schimana project The game-performance «Web 04 / Memoria»
30, October, 2003
Workshop at Bregman Electroacoustic Music Studio at Dartmouth College, USA
9 - 11, October, 2003, Pushkinskaya 10, St.Petersburg
Participation in Elisabeth Schimana project «Dream Space Weave 03»
17-19, April, 2003, Ural State Conservatory
AlterMedium 03 Festival "Invisible Cities" with participation of Dieter Kaufmann, Elisabeth Schimana, Rob Mallender,Stanislav Kreichi, Yuri Spitsin, Tatiana Komarova, Nadezhda Sumina, Alexei Vohmiakov, Koleichuk Total Theatre
11-15, April, 2003, Cultrural Center DOM, Moscow
AlterMedium 03 Festival "Invisible Cities" with participation of Dieter Kaufmann, Elisabeth Schimana, Rob Mallender, Lidia Kavina & tVox Quartette, Stanislav Kreichi, Velta W. / Patrick K.-H., Dmitry Subochev, Jana Aksenova, Dmitry Cheglakov, Yuri Spitsin
20, December, 2002, Korzo Theatre, The Hague, Netherlands
LOOSmanifestatie / LOOS 20 Years
Andrei Smirnov - interactive performances:
1. Sonochronotop / for one performer, theremin sensores and MAX/MSP- based interactive system
Performers: Andrei Smirnov - computer / Peter van Bergen - woodwinds
2. Brain Jazz - interactive performance for one solist, one programmer, two assistants, MAX/MSP based interactive brain-wave biofeedback system. Performers: Andrei Smirnov - computer, Krisztina de Chatel -brain
9-10, December, 2002, Center for Contemporary Arts, Moscow
The Shadows interactive installation by Elisabeth Schimana and Andrei Smirnov
25-29, September, 2002
Jury member of the International competition «Nam June Paik Award», Dusseldorf, Germany
15-17, May, 2002, Cultural Center DOM, Moscow
AlterMedium02 Festival with participation of Jon Appleton, Dave Philips & Ohne, Seppo Gruendler, Elisabeth Schimana, Alien Productions, Andrei Smirnov, Yuri Spitsin, Vera Ivanova, Netochka Nezvanova, Ailet Harpas, Daniel Shorno, Hans Christian Gillie, Rob Mallender,
18, April, 2002, STEIM, Amsterdam
Andrei SMIRNOV - Music and Gesture: sensors, hardware and software interfaces.
This workshop on designing and programming interfaces to sensores, based on the techniques, developed for working with live performance, with particular interest on the non-linear methods of parameter control and interpretation. Technologies include: MAX/MSP, custom-designed motion sensores.
16, April, 2002, Concert at Melkweg, Amsterdam
STEIM presents in the serie No Backup Concerts:
Elisabeth Schimana, Andrei Smirnov, Yurie Spitsin - Sitting in my chair

Netochka Nezvanova, Ayelet Harpaz, Hans Christian Gilje - Spring, "Still unfolded"
Michel Waisvisz - Weshm
20-23, February, 2002, Central Hous of Painters, Moscow
Theremin Park Exposition
10-15 November, 2001, Cultural Center DOM and Composer's Union, Moscow
Production of Actions/Interactions Festival
Electroacoustic and interactive music by Netochka Nezvanova, Fransois Sarhan, Paolo Chagas, Andrei Smirnov , Dmitry Subochev, Anton Kerchenko, Sergey Kurbatov
14, October, 21-00, ORF-Studio
musicprotokoll festival , Graz, Austria
Elisabeth Schimana - sitting in my chair with participation of Andrei Smirnov and Yuri Spitsin
3, September, 12-30, IJsbreker, Amsterdam, Netherlands
In the frame of Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2001
Andrey Smirnov: Sonochronotop interactive performance for Dmitry Kalinin (shakuhachi)
23-35, May, 2001
Report at V:NM Festival, Graz, Austria
20, May, Sunday, 19-30, Porgy & Bess, Vienna, Austria
The Theremin Orchestra (RU) at Ex Eu Festival
Elisabeth Schimana, Guenther Gessert, Olga Milanich, Yuri Spitsin, Andrei Smirnov
FUGK & Yuri Popovski (RU) - Stalingrad
11-14, May, 2001
Composer's Union Concert Hall and Cultural Center DOM
AlterMedium01 Festival for Electroacoustic Music
23-29, April, 2001, Rahmaninov Concert Hall at Moscow State Conservatory
Electroacoustic part of International Festival Moscow Forum VIII
11, February, 2001, Cultural Center DOM , Moscow
Actions/Interactions Concert
Electroacoustic and interactive music by Igor Kefalidis, Yuri Spitsin and Andrei Smirnov
1, December, 2000, Cultural Center DOM , Moscow
Kshishtov Knittel - Sonata da camera nr. 10 for the theremin sensors and live electronics.
Kshishtov Knittel - live electronics, Andrei Smirnov - t-sensors and MAX/MSP programming
8, November, 2000, 16-00, The concert hall of the Moscow Composers Union
Sound Substance Cognition Festival
Theremin Center for Electroacoustic Music & Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble
Perfomance of Sonochronotop perfmance for the theremin-sensors, computer, MAX/MSP and performer
25, August - 6, September, 2000, ICMC-2000, Berlin, Germany
Report «Music and Gesture: Sensor Technologies in Interactive Music and the Theremin based Space Control Systems» at International Computer Music Conference
8-11, May, 2000
Electroacoustic program of Alternativa AltT2K New Music Festival, Moscow
14, April, 2000
Interactive performance program at SKIF Festival, St.Petersburg
Together with Konstantin Adjer (reeds)
27-30 March, 2000, Brighton, England
Creating the Future Phisical Congress
Andrei Smirnov - Music and Gesture: Theremin based Space Control Systems
Physics in Action - joint with Physics of Musical Instruments
Electronics and Music: Andrei Smirnov Physics - Music - Gesture
24, November, 1999
Conservatorio di Musica "Giuseppe Verdi" Milano
Realta' Musicali in Russia. Master Class in forma di Seminario
Introduzione di Guido Salvetti e Giuseppe Giuliano
Relatori: Yuri Kasparov (Ensemble di musica contemporanea di Moscoa)
Andrei Smirnov (Theremin Center - centro ellettronico il Conservatorio di Mosca)
23 - 29, November, 1999, Arsenalmusica, Pisa, Italy
Participation in the Festival «Frontiera» at Arsenalmusica
Workshop at Computer Music Lab of CNUCE/C.N.R., University of Pisa
4-15 October, 1999, Stanislavsky and Nemerovitch Danchenko Theatre, Moscow
Meg Stuart & Damaged Goods project CRASH LANDING @ MOSCOW
Dance/performance: Andrei Adrianov, Christine De Smedt, David Hernandez, Irina Mischina, Oleg Soulimenko, Meg Stuart, Claude Wampler; Music: David Shea (keyboards/sampler), Andrei Smirnov (sensors, MAX), Yuri Spitsin (Power Glove/Virtual Guitar); Visuals: Lisa Dilillo, Dimitri Gutov, Leigh Haas; Technical support: Hans Meijer, Ralf Nonn; Writer: Myriam Van Imschoot; Production: Sigrid Gareis (Siemens Kultur), John Zwaenepoel (Damaged Goods), Elena Golovasova, Ayco Duyster (Damaged Goods)
6 september, 1999
Andrei SMIRNOV - Music and Gesture: theremin based interactive systems
Workshop at Musical Academy in Basel, Switzerland
24-26 May, 1999
Electroacoustic music program in the frame of Alternativa New Music Festival, Moscow.
24, May - Workshops by Guenther Rabl and Seppo Gruendler
26, May - Lectures by Elisabeth Schimana, Katarina Klement and Christian Schaib
18th November, 1998, 7:00 pm
International Music Festival Moscow Autumn at the Union of Composers, Moscow
The program of Electroacoustic Music & Performance
21-st October, 1998.
SOUND OFF Festival, Kunsthalle Budapest, Hungary
The Program of Electroacoustic Free Jazz
Andrei Smirnov (theremin, Mac&MAX) & Konstantin Adjer (trumpet, sax)
19-th October, 1998.
C3 Center for Culture and Communication, Budapest, Hungary
Presentation of the Theremin Center
4 Lectures by Andrei Smirnov:
1. Russian Futurism and early ideas of Sonic Art.
2. Leon Theremin and the history of his inventions.
18-th October, 1998.
TransART Communication Festival, Nove Zamky, Slovakia
The Program of Electroacoustic Free Jazz
Andrei Smirnov (theremin, Mac&MAX) & Konstantin Adjer (trumpet, sax)
6th October, 1998, 5:00 pm
ALTERNATIVA ' 98 International Festival of New Music
Production of the Multimedia part of the Festival
Electronic Atlantida. Concert Hall at the Union of Composers, Moscow
23 September, 1998, 4:00pm
INVENTIONEN 98 Festival, Berlin
SFB -- Haus des Rundfunks, Berlin
Lecture by Andrei Smirnov "Proto Musique concrete: Russian Futurism in the 10s and 20s and early ideas of Sonic Art and Art of Noises".
22-23 September, 1998, 10am-4pm, PODEWIL, Berlin, Germany
Workshop "Music and Gesture: theremin sensor technology" conducted by Andre Smirnov in the frame of Berlin-Paris-Moscow project.
Since 1st September, 1998 in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia
Theremin Center and ART-Blia Group: THEREMIN (c)HA(o)US(e)
Andrei Smirnov developed the musical part of Musical Installation, based on 11 theremins and acoustical feedbacks at Krasnoyarsk Museum for Contemporary Arts
29 April, 1998, 7:00pm., Union of Composers, Moscow
Association for Electroacoustic Music, Russia
Conference for 50-th Anniversary of Musicue Concrete
Andrei Smirnov: report "Russian Futurism and early ideas of Sonic Art"
TOUCHLESS II participation in the theremin orchestra project by Elisabeth Schimana (Austria)
6th of APRIL 8.30 pm
TOUCHLESS II theremin orchestra project at the ARS  Electronica Centre / SkyLounge, Linz, Austria
4th of APRIL, 1998, 8 pm
Theremin Orchestra project in Austria
Minoriten Kirche / Kunsthalle Krems
in the NET:
Cast: Garton Andrew (Australia): theremin, stylaphon, sampler
Smirnov Andrei (Russia): theremin with ringmodulator, sythesizer
Milanich Olga (Russia): theremin
Schimana Elisabeth (Austria): vocals
Gessert G?nther (Austria): theremin, minimoog
Messina Sergio (Italy): fuzz thereminette
Spitsin Yuri (Russia): powerglove
Lopez Pedro (Spain): theremin, sampler
1-st, April, 10:00am.
Institut fur Elektronische Musik
Hochscgule fur Musik und Dartstellende Kunst, Graz, Austria
Andrei Smirnov conducted the Theremin Workshop
March, 1998
5 day' workshop "Music and Technology" at Ural State Conservatory, Ekaterinburg, Russia, conducted by Andrei Smirnov and Yuri Spitsin. Concert of electroacoustic music with partisipation of Konstantin Adjer (reeds)
31, March, 1998, 1:00pm
Institut fuer Elektroakustik, Experimentelle und Angewandte Musik an der Hochschule fuer Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Wien, Austria.
Lecture "Das Theremin, erstes industriell produziertes elektronisches Instrumnet"
4, December, 1997, 11:30pm, 1:00am (Moscow time)
TOUCHLESS Live Internet Theremin Project Vienna / Madrid / Moscow produced by Elisabeth Schimana (Austria). Performers: Moscow: Andrei Smirnov, Yuri Spitsin, Jana & Lana Aksenova / Guenther Gessert / Elisabeth Schimana; Madrid: Pedro Lopez / Jose Iges; Vienna: Sergio Messina / Scanner and others at ORF Kunstradio
October 1-3, 1997
DIGITALE ' 97, Crossing Borders. Art, Computer and Culture. Cinemathek, Cologne, Germany
Andrei Smirnov presented a programme section that had been dedicated to the work of the Theremin Centre (Thu., Oct., 2, 1997).
May, 1997
ALTERNATIVA' 97 International Festival of New Music
Production the electroacoustic and Multimedia part of the Festival
Concert Hall of The Russian Musical Academy
March 1997
Andrei Smirnov conducted a workshop "Music and Technology" at Ural State Conservatory, Ekaterinburg, Russia and concert program of electroacoustic music with participation of Jorge Campos (Ecuador)
October 14-19, 1996
Leon Theremin's 100-year anniversary
International Conference at the Theremin Center with participation of Robert Moog, Helena Theremin, Lev Koroliov, Sergei Zorin, Evgeny Nazaikinski and others. Produced by Lidia Kavina and Andrei Smirnov
2 May, 1996, 5:00pm
ALTERNATIVA' 96 International Festival of New Music
Production of the electroacoustic and Multimedia part of the Festival with participation of Ake Parmerud and Eva Ingemarson (Sweden). Concert Hall of Russian Musical Academy
4-7, April, 1996
Lectures and presentations at University of Central Oklahoma , Edmond , Oklahoma, USA
7-9, April, 1996
Lectures and presentations at Oberlin Conservatory , Oberlin , Ohio, USA
9-10, April, 1996
Lectures and presentations at University of Illinois , Urbana Champaign , Illinois, USA
10-12, April, 1996
Lectures and presentations at Ithaca College of Music , lthaca , New York, USA
12-15, April, 1996
Lectures and presentations at Dartmouth College , Hanover , New Hampshire, USA
17, April, 1996
Lectures and presentations at Princeton University , Princeton , New Jersey, USA
18-20, April, 1996
Participation in SEAMUS Conference, Birmingham , USA
21-24, April, 1996
Lectures and presentations at Berclee College of Music , Boston , Massachusetts, USA
1-3 December, 1995
International Festival "Werkstatt Elektroakustischer Music" (Germany)
"Moskau - Berlin / Elektroakustische Musik aus Moskau"
Report and concert of music from the Theremin Center in the program of electro-acoustic music of Berlin Academy of Arts within the framework of the international festival "Moscow - Berlin"
1 November, 1995
International conference Artificial intelligence in XXI century in Kaliningrad (Moscow area)
Report and concert of interactive computer music with participation of composers Valery Beluntsov, Julia Dmitrukova, Yuri Spitsin
29 September - 1 October, 1995
The Third Reality Forum (St.-Petersburg)
Report Biomusic of Cyberspace. New interactive technologies in music
Concert of interactive music with demonstration of installation Virtual Sonic Painting
Andrei Smirnov, Juri Spitsin, Andrei Demidenko - computers
The painter Nikolai Shirokov - Power Glove
With participance of Iguana Dance Theater: Nina Gasteva and Michael Ivanov
May, 1995
Andrei Smirnov produced International workshop Music and Technology
Participants: Max Mathews (USA, CCRMA, Stanford Univ.)
Jon Appleton (Dartmouth College, USA)
Richard Boulandger (USA, Berklee College, Boston)
Gary Lee Nelson (USA, Conservatory Oberlin)
Sam Magrill (USA, The University of Central Oklahoma)
Piter Rothbart (USA, Ithaca College)
Ko Umezaki (Japan)
Lidia Kavina (Russia)
John Puterbough (USA, Princeton Univ.)
Andrei Smirnov (Theremin Center, Moscow)
Vladimir Volkov (Ekaterinburg, Russia)
Tatiana Komarova (Ural State Conservatory, Ekaterinburg, Russia)
May, 1995
ALTERNATIVA ' 95 International Festival of New Music
Production of the electroacoustic part of the Festival with participation of Jon Appleton, Max Mathews, Gary Lee Nelson, Richard Boulanger, Sam Magrill, Piter Rothbart, Ko Umezaki, John Puterbough, Lidia Kavina
Concert Hall at Glinka Museum, Moscow
March, 17-18, 1995
Report at the International conference Music in the Year 2002
Where are we? And where do we want to go?
Royal Swedish Academy of Music, Stockholm, Sweden
January, 1995 - May 1997
X-Media Project sponsored by SOROS Center for Contemporary Arts, Moscow
October-November, 1994
Visiting Scholar at CCRMA, Stanford University, California
11, Nov., 1994 - The lecture on the history of Russian electroacoustic music
and the concert of Russian electroacoustic music
October, 18, 1994
Grant of the IREX, Moscow (International Research & Exchanges Board).
Within the framework of the joint project with Dartmouth College (USA) Theremin Center has landed ten composers, programmers and producers from Russia at ten universities, conservatories and colleges of USA having well equipped studios for electroacoustic music and the appropriate educational courses. Theremin Center associates came to the USA for three-day orientation workshop in New York following which each composer traveled to a different university for a two-week period of study an consultation arranged by an American composer working with technology.
The project was coordinated by Andre Smirnov and  Jon Appleton (Dartmouth College, USA)
Since 1994 Andrei Smirnov started to produce the electroacoustic part of the annual Alternativa Festival for New Music
April, 9, 1994
International Festival for New Music
5-th Studio at Moscow Radio Hous
January 31 to February 4, 1994
Music Technology and Post Modernism in Russia Europe and the Americas
International Conference at Bellagio Study and Conference Center, Italy
Coordination, reports
Grant of the Rockefeller Foundation
January 5, 1994, "Contrasts", Radio-1
Theremin Center: Electronic Christmas Eve
Electro-acoustic music concert
1. Jon Appleton / Sergei Kossenko - Dva Interview
2. Valery Beluntsov - White Blues
3. Sergei Kossenko - Voicy
4. Jorge Campos - Bora-bora
5. TPO Composer - suite from the opera "Fluctuating Rate"
Peter Pospelov - Sergei Zagni - Andre Smirnov
6. Ambient Concerto
Music for 3 tape recorders and Duo "The Mirror Bridge".
Igor Zhigunov, Vera Sazhina with participation of Dmitry Uhov - tape recorders
September, 25, 1993, 12:00am-7:00pm
Central House of Painters, Moscow
MUSICAL ENVIRONMENTS - 7-hours long concert-meditation for shakuhachi flute and interactive computer music system. Kojiro Umezaki (USA) - shakuhachi, MAX programming
July-August 1993
Bregman Studio, Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire, USA
Lecture on the history of Russian electroacoustic music
Concert of Russian electroacoustic Music
Library and Studio work
1, June, 1993, 7pm, The Small Stage at Mossovet Theater
Theremin Center - Concert - Presentation
First concert of electroacoustic music from the Theremin Center, Moscow.
1. Alexey Korovin - "Labyrinth"
2. Valery Beluntsov - "Serratura Ruvida" for a voice, recorder and computer
Performers: Valery Beluntsov - computers, voice, tenor recorder Andrei Smirnov - soprano recorder
3. Sergey Kossenko - "Race in the Rain" interactive music for MIDI-bicycle and computer
Sergey Kossenko - MIDI bicycle
4. Valery Beluntsov - "Ricercari" or "The Curve Mirror" for the computer and 8-chennel tape
- "LZY" for the computer and electronics
5. Jorge Campos (Ecuador) - "Jaravi" for a flute, percussion, computer and dancer
Performers: Jorge Campos - computers, Daria Vorobiova - dance, Evgeny Brokmiller - flute
1992 - Andrey Smirnov has founded the Theremin Center for Electroacoustic Music at Moscow Conservatory.