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D-sensors and multichannel USB-sensor interfaces













Universal six-channel USB theremin-sensor interface, suitable for most theremin-sensor applications.
Interface has two groups of inputs:
Inputs 1, 2 are suitable only for mini-sensors and/or special clips-antennas, connected with cables not longer then 2-2.5 meters
Inputs 3,4,5,6 are working with standard sensor-boxes, connected with long cables up to 20-30 meter long. It is possible to use almost any audio/video cables. More information.






There are several kinds of mini-sensors available:
1. Universal mini-sensor - a very small box with a plug suitible for any sort of special antennas for installation.



2. Clips-antenna to be mounted on the laptop monitor
(mainly for laptop musicians);







3. Box-antenna - which you can put near your laptop
to use as a volume antenna for digital USB-theremin;









Classical USB-theremin configuration.
Clips mini-sensor works as a pitch antenna while box-antenna works as a volume antenna for left hand control.








Universal d-sensor can be connected to the USB-sensor interface with any long cable to work with distant sensitive objects in interactive installations or to track the motion of dancers or performers on the stage etc.

Any conductive media can work as an antenna: metal, water, liquids, plants, fruits, vegetables, bread, human body, christmas stuff etc.




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