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Selected publications

Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments, 2nd ed. Oxford University Press. The series of articles: Arseny Avraamov; Graphic Sound; Sholpo Evgeny Aleksandrovich; Variophone; ANS; Termen Lev Sergeyevich; Theremin; Rhythmicon; Ekvodin; Sonar; Kristadin; Shumophone. In preparation for publication. 2013.
Smirnov A., The book “SOUND in Z. Forgotten experiments in sound art and electronic music in early 20th century Russia” . Sound & Music, London / Verlag de Buchhandlung Walther Konig, Cologne, 2013.
(English). 280 pages.
Smirnov A., Fruhe Versuche der Sprach- und Gesangssynthese im postrevolutionaren Russland der 1920er und 30er Jahre. Collection "Resonanz-Raume: Die Stimme und die Medien". Ed. Oksana Bulgakowa, Bertz+Fischer, Berlin, 2012. (German).
Smirnov A., Synthesized Voices of the Revolutionary Utopia . Early attempts to Synthesize Speaking and Singing Voice in Post-Revolutionary Russia (1920s). Collection 'Electrified Voices. Media-Technical, Socio-Historical and Culturological Aspects of Voice Transmission.' V@R Unipress in Goettingen, 2013, pp. 163-185.
Smirnov A., Pchelkina L., Russian Pioneers of Sound Art in the 1920s. Catalogue of the exhibition 'Red Cavalry: Creation and Power in Soviet Russia between 1917 and 1945'. Rosa Ferre Ed. La Casa Encendida, Madrid, 2011, p. 210-232. (English and Spanish).
Smirnov A., Pchelkina L., GENERATION Z. Booklet-newspaper of the Generation Z exhibition. OSA Archivum, Budapest, 2011. 20 pages. (English and Hungarian).
Smirnov A., Pchelkina L., ÏÎÊÎËÅÍÈÅ Z. Booklet-newspaper of the Generation Z exhibition. Polytechnic Museum, Moscow, 2011. 20 pages. (Russian).
Smirnov A., Boris Yankovsky: Leben im Klangspektrum. Gezeichneter Klang und Klangsynthese in der Sowjetunion der 30er Jahre. Klangmaschinen zwischen Experiment und Medientechnik. Transcript Verlag, Bielefeld. Austria, 2010. Pp. 97-120. (German).
Smirnov A., Boykett T., Notation und visuelle Musik. Klangmaschinen zwischen Experiment und Medientechnik. Transcript Verlag, Bielefeld. Austria, 2010. Pp. 121-126. (German).
Smirnov A., Pchelkina L., ÏÎÊÎËÅÍÈÅ Z. Booklet-newspaper of the Generation Z exhibition. PRO ARTE Foundation, Saint-Petersburg, 2010. 20 pages. (Russian).
Smirnov A., Pchelkina L., Les Pionniers Russes de'l ART du SON. Experimentations musicales. Catalogue of the exhibition Lenin Stalin et la Musique at Cite de la musique, Paris, 2010. Pp. 96-105. (French).
Smirnov A., Son produit par la lumiere et le papier. Catalogue of the exhibition «Vois ce que j'entends», Centre des Arts Enghien-les-Bains, France, 2010. Pp. 16-27. (Russian and French).
Smirnov A., “GENERATION Z. Forgotten experiments in sound art and electronic music in early 20 th century Russia.” The article in the catalogue of the 3-rd Moscow Biennale of contemporary art. Moscow, 2009 (Russian and English).
Smirnov A., The series of chapters:
Touchless Music. Theremin. (pp. 134-136); Dancing in Tune. Terpsitone. (pp. 137-139);
Switch on, Bob. Moog Modular Synthesizer. (pp.176-178);
In the Beginning was the Lunch Break. Minimoog D
. (pp.179-181);

Rhythm' n' Light. Rhythmicon. (pp. 188-190).
In the book “Zauberhafte Klangmaschinen. Von der Sprechmaschine bis zur Soundkarte”. Schott Music GmbH & Co. KG, Mainz, 2008 (in both English and German).
Smirnov A., Pchelkina L., 1917-1939. Son Z / Sound in Z. PALAIS/Palais de Tokyo Magazine, Paris, 2008, ¹7, pp. 66-77 (English and French).
Smirnov A., Sound Out of Paper. 2007. (English). More info.
Smirnov A., Eavesdropping the Universe. (English). p.89-94.
Visuma noklausisanas jeb stasts par ASV lielo valsts zimogu (Latvian), p.94-99.
Collection Spectropia. Illuminating investigations in the electromagnetic spectrum. Acoustic Spaces, issue #7 RIXC, 2008.
Smirnov A., Good Vibrations. The Art and Sound of Espionage. The abstract in the collection 'Espionage Technologies and Art'. RIXC, Liepaja, Karosta, 2007, p.19. (English and Latvian). More info.
Smirnov A., Lev Theremin: Alien in a Sandbox (pp. 124-133 - English).
Lew Theremin: Alien in a Sandbox (pp. 108-119 - German).
Conspire. Transmediale parcours 1. Transmediale & Revolver. Berlin 2008.
Smirnov A., The Poetry of Digits and Resonances. Electroacoustic Music in USA. 2006. pp. 153-171. (Russian).
Smirnov A., Theremin Center at Moscow Conservatory. M.Voinova, A.Smirnov. “Contemporary Music Tribune”, 2005, # 2, p.33-37 (Russian).
Smirnov A., Kefalidis I., Tsenova V., Electronic Music? “Contemporary Music Tribune”, 2005, # 2, p. 20-31 (Russian).
Smirnov A., V.Tsenova V., Electroacoustic Music. Part of the text-book “The Theory of Contemporary Composition”, Moscow. "Music" 2005, p .505-647. (Russian ).
Smirnov A., Proto-Digital Tools in Post-Digital Culture. «Digital3» seminar proceedings,
Association Muu, Helsinki, 2004. (English).
Smirnov A., Sound Art – from Russian Futurists to Spectral Music. CD from Contemporary Art Festival, named for N.Roslavets and N.Gabo, RAGD Foundation, Briansk , 2003 (Russian)
Smirnov A., Visual Music. Collection «Anthology of Russian Video-Art », MediaArtLab, Moscow , 2002, p.105-111 (Russian).
Smirnov A., Anna Koleichuk: The Virtual Corridor for Feet and Eyes. Nam June Paik Award 2002 Catalogue. p. 32-35. Hatje Cantz Verlag, 2002. (English and German).
Smirnov A., Electroacoustic Music Production in Russia. Collection “On the Perception of Contemporary Music”, V:NM Forum 01, IEM, Graz, 2001. (English).
Smirnov A., Music and Gesture: Sensor Technologies in Interactive Music and the Theremin based Space Control Systems. Proceedings of the 2000 International Computer Music Conference ICMC. Berlin, ICMA 2000, p. 511 - 514. (English).
Smirnov A., Music and Gesture: Theremin based Space Control Systems. Creating the Future. The Physics Congress 2000 Abstract Book. P. 51-52, The Institute of Physics, London, 2000. (English).
Smirnov A., Theremin center. The Cross-Media Project. Collection «NewMediaTopia», SCCA,
Moscow , 1996, p.88-89. (English and Russian). Read Rus. (pdf) / Read Eng (pdf)
Smirnov A., Bio-Music of Cyber-Space. “Virtual Worlds” magazine, 1995, # 1(2), p.44-49 (Russian).
Smirnov A., Vocoder. “Radio” magazine, 1984, # 8, p.61, # 9, p.50 (Russian).
Smirnov A., High speed stroboscope apparatus for research and analysis of dynamic properties of cylindrical magnetic bubbles and magnetic-bubble driver circuitry. Article in the collection “Physical properties and applications of Magnetic Bubbles in electronic industry”, Moscow , 1979, p.39-40 (Russian).