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Theremin Sensor Kit


The Sensor Kit contains basic universal D-sensor circuitry oriented on both USB and Analog systems. convenient in case you need to analyse the motion of dancers and performers on the stage or to work with long term installations. Any conductive media could be connected to d-sensor as an antenna.



Sensor (version 0.2) printed circuit board.
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Sensor, connected to the interface by shielded cable, produces complete working system, providing analog FM signal with aproximetely 10 khz carrier frequency.

To build a cheapest theremin-sensor system as a sort of compromice, by means of easy interface one can connect the sensor directly to the audio input of sound card of the computer to work with special MAX/MSP or PD patches. Disadvantage of this solution - dependency on existence and quality of sound card, more processor power needed, extra audio inputs occupied.

It is also possible to connect interface to analog or digital input of Arduino microcontroller as well as any other microcontroller, capable to make precise measurment of the frequency.

It is recommended to use external power supply or battery instead of USB power.

Multichannel d-sensor systems are also available. To make complete digital USB multisensor system, capable to work with up to six separate sensors, we use an extra ARDUINO Atmega168 based microcontroller. System can be powered from USB plug of the computer or any separate power adapter.

Most advanced MULTISENSOR system which can work with up to 64 D-sensors simultanuosly is under development now in collaboration with GLUI. It is based on Gluion FPGA based microcontroller.


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